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Morocco: As a former French Protectorate, steeped in Dakar Rally history, we’ve adopted some of the French descriptions the Dakar fans amongst you will be familiar with.

Piste: A dirt road or track.

Bivouac: A non-permanent overnight camp (wild camping).

Fesh Fesh: Is sand that has had it’s granuals ground to the consistency of talcum powder. Also known as Bull Dust in Australia.

Jebel or Djebel: A mountain or a range of mountains.

Erg: An area of shifting sand dunes in the Sahara.

Oued: River

Plage: Beach

Is my money safe?

Yes. We are fully insured through the Travel Regulation Insolvency Protection (TRIP) scheme provided by Towergate Insurance. This is in compliance with the ‘The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018‘. These regulations superseded the 1990 ‘Package Travel Directive’ as of July 1st 2018.

How does your ‘Level’ rating work?

Everyone’s perception of ‘easy’, ‘challenging’, ‘difficult’ differs. It all depends upon the individuals experience and what bike they’re riding. We’ve tried to simplify it as much as possible by using three levels:

Level I: Suitable for those with little or no previous dirt road experience. These are fun dirt roads that aren’t about to break your expensive Adventure bike. Riding tips and guidance are available to those who want it. Big Bike friendly. May require a bike capable of traveling at motorway speeds (ie to cross Spain).

Level II: Dirt roads will be a little more challenging than Level I, with steeper and looser ascents and descents, requiring greater slow speed balance. Again, riding tips and guidance are available to those who want it. It’s not just about the riding though. Level II adds to the Adventure rider’s skill set with an introduction to wild camping (bivouacs), camp cooking and in Morocco, shopping for supplies in local markets. Big Bike friendly.

Level III: For the regular trail rider, confident in whatever the route may throw up. With the highest percentage of dirt roads and wild camping, Level III is also likely to push your comfort zone and be more physically and mentally tiring.

NOTE: Whilst we aim to challenge and push the comfort zone for everybody, our tours are based around long distance, sustainable riding and not tackling Welsh Enduro stages.

Take a look at our YouTube Channel for some headcam footage that may help you decide between levels.

What is Motopacking?

Mimicking the phrase Bikepacking, generally defined as ‘A fusion of mountain biking and multi-day trekking’. Luggage systems are generally frameless and pannierless, keeping width to a minimum for access to singletrack trails. Riders carry everything they need to be self sufficient including food, cooking and camping equipment.

The motorcycle world has recently awoken to what has been around in the cycling world for many years, with manufacturers like Kriega offering a frameless pannier system. Lightweight, compact equipment from the backpacking world, combined with well thought out packing list and system allow us to carry all that we need in a surprisingly small and light set-up.

Morocco motor vehicle insurance: Where can I buy it and how much does it cost?

Unlike our French, Dutch and German counterparts who’s insurance companies seem to have no problem with offering a Green Card for Morocco, it’s rather hard to find, not to mention expensive to buy in the UK. Fortunately it’s readily available upon entry to Morocco. Available as 10, 30 and 90 day policies, 30 days currently costs 950dh (£80).