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An Adventure motorcyclist tackles a steep descent in MoroccoKTM 990 Adventure motorcycle at the top of Gara Medouar whilst on tour with Big Sky Riders Motorcycle AdventureAn Adventure motorcyclist tackles a sandy section in MoroccoTwo Adventure motorcycles beneath the imposing caslte ruins built on a rocky outcropKTM 990 Adventure motorcycle on a hardpacked piste (dirt road) near the Oued Rheris in Morocco whilst on tour with Big Sky Riders Motorcycle AdventureAn Adventure motorcyclist ascends a stony trackKTM 990 Adventure motorcycle on a sandy piste (dirt road) in Morocco whilst on tour with Big Sky Riders Motorcycle AdventureAn adventure motorcyclist cruises through a Moroccan desert landscapeKTM 990 Adventure motorcycle on a hardpacked piste (dirt road) in the Djebel Ougnat whilst on tour with Big Sky Riders Motorcycle Adventure

Morocco – Raid Medlantic

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From the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean and back, using as much dirt as possible – the equivalent of Land’s End to John O’Groats and half-way back – on dirt roads!

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2162 mi

1089 mi

1072 mi

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2162 mi



1089 mi

1072 mi


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Short of entering a competition, there’s nothing out there that comes close to this Moroccan desert Adventure tour.

The riding includes tarmac, dirt, grit, gravel, sand, rock slab, fesh-fesh as we follow old Dakar Rally pistes through the Sahara, skirting the Algerian border so closely we can wave to the border guards.

Onward, passing the dunes of Erg’s Chegga and Cheggaga, across dry lakes, riverbeds and unnamed jebels to the wild Atlantic Coast. Our return route plunges into the deep gorges of the Anti-Atlas, skirts the volcanic Djebel Sarhro, visits the Imiter Gorge (think Todra without the tourists) and crosses the Tizi Tagounista for a panoramic view of the Amame Plain.

We’ve made a few revisions for 2022

  • A ride on the beach at Plage Blanche is now an option rather than being an integral part of our route. This means that the day is no longer governed by the tide times ,and also allows those who want to avoid the salt water to do so. Lockdown means the alternative inland route will remain unproven  until we get there – it just adds to the adventure!
  • A modified return itinerary has allowed us to spread our southbound ride through the desert over three days instead of two.


The idea behind this tour was to create an experience as close as possible to how we travel on our own dirt road adventures. Wild camping under light pollution free skies is an experience not to be missed from any desert adventure. Carrying all our own kit – Motopacking style – we’ll shop in markets, draw water from wells, cook our own food (5x camps) and thereby be self-sufficient

Following along is our 4×4 support vehicle containing our medic and medical kit, whilst our support van* keeps to the tarmac, meeting us at all the accommodation.

5 nights bivouac – 9 nights accommodation – 1 night on the return ferry

NOTE: Group size is 6 riders. We can’t run with less and we won’t run with more.

Please call or email with your questions.

Who’s it for ?

Regular trail riders with the appropriate fuel range of 250km/155mi. Don’t worry if you’ve never ridden in the sand before or find it rather daunting; there’s not a lot of opportunity to practice in the UK. The sandy stages build slowly, giving you a chance to develop your skills as the sections become deeper and longer.  There’s plenty of help and advice on-hand should you want it.

This tour is best suited to single-cylinder and middleweight (800cc) Adventure bikes due to the sandy sections. Larger capacity bikes with 21” front wheels (AT’s, LC8’s etc) will be fine in the right hands. Remember, it’s not about the bikeit’s about the rider. See FAQ’s for our Riding Levels chart.

If you want to ride to Almeria, we’ll carry your knobby tyres for you to fit when you arrive.

* The support van carries larger tools and a few generic spares (available for purchase).

*Secure van storage & camping available 50miles NE of Almeria.


Day 1: Almeria

Meet in hotel in Almeria, Spain and reunite yourself with your bike. Group dinner.

Day 2: Almeria to Selouanne

26mi /46km

Following breakfast we’ll have a briefing before heading down to the ferry and our 1200 sailing to Nador. Once disembarked the process of entering a foreign country with your own vehicle ensues. Get the right official and it’s a breeze; get the wrong one and it’ll test your patience. Either way it’s all part of the experience!

Day 3: Selouanne to Bivouac 1

Tarmac: 132mi / 213km   –   Piste: 68mi / 110km   –   Total: 200mi / 323km   –   Piste: 34%

It’s a steady ‘knobby friendly’ ride south to Debdou and the climb up to the Rekam Plateau. It’s easy going on a mix of dirt and gravel piste (unless its been raining!) with magnificent views of the snow capped middle-Atlas to the west. Did you remember your tent pegs?

Day 4: Bivouac 1 to Tissard Mine

Tarmac: 39mi / 63km   –   Piste: 124mi / 200km   –   Total: 163mi / 263km   –   Piste: 76%

An easy, undulating start to the day as we loose some altitude on the approach to Bni Tajite. After filling up with fuel, snacks and coffee we’ll turn SW over the rocky Col de Belkassen before the first of the sand begins as head towards Algeria. Great views abound from the El Korbine cliffs before we drop off the plateau to follow the ‘berm’ – the de facto border between Morocco and Algeria. It’s deep sand and date palm oases here on this old Dakar Rally piste.

Our accommodation for the next two nights sits right on the edge of the desert and a well used rally piste to Erg Chebbi.

Day 5: Rideout to Rissani & Gara Medouar

Tarmac: 34mi/54km  –  Piste: 27mi/43km  –  Total: 61mi/97km  –  Piste: 44%

Relax! It’s not every day you get to switch off your alarm clock and enjoy a lazy breakfast on the edge of the Sahara Desert.

A time to reflect on the previous 2-days and 300km of piste (especially those new to riding in the sand) and think about what worked and what didn’t before we head out for three days in the desert.

Give your bike and gear a check over, wash your boxers and write in your diary.

After lunch we’ll take a rideout to the market town of Rissani to buy supplies for our next two desert camps. We’ll watch the world go by from a pavement café, and finally head out to the ‘erosion cirque’ that is Gara Medour (as featured in the James Bond film ‘Spectre’). On our return will fuel up for tomorrow.

Day 6: Tissard Mine to Bivouac 2

Tarmac: 4mi/6km  –  Piste: 150mi/240km  –  Total: 154mi/246km  –  Piste: 98%

Skirting Erg Chegga, Morocco’s highest dunes to the east, we’ll head south then south east with the terrain becoming increasingly sandy There are some challenging sand sections early on, but once across the Oued Gheris, the following fesh-fesh the shallow dunes beyond so the sand thins out as the landscape opens up. This is ‘Big Sky’ country.

Skirting the Algerian border once again, we’ll pass through the first of several police checkposts before dropping down into the rugged Tafenna Basin where we’ll draw water and pitch camp.

Day 7: Bivouac 2 to Bivouac 3

Tarmac: 13mi/20km  –  Piste: 115mi/184km  –  Total: 128mi/204km  –  Piste: 90%

The day’s 20km of tarmac comes early as we drop into Tagounite for fuel, coffee and fresh bread. We’re soon back in the desert and heading for the sand of Erg Chegga as we make our way onto the dry bed of Lac Iriki. West of Iriki we’ll pick our way between the drifing dunes and choose a place to camp.

Day 8: Bivouac 3 to Bivouac 4

Tarmac: 110mi/176km  –  Piste: 116mi/186km  –  Total: 226mi/362km  –  Piste: 51%

Our longest day (by distance) sees us leave the Oued Drâa behind us and head north to meet tarmac and a chance to give our chains some love. 80km west lies Tata where we’ll have lunch and gather supplies for tonight’s camp. After fuelling up we’ll head south west on a mix of tarmac and piste.

Day 9: Bivouac 4 to Ksar Tafnidilt

Tarmac: 93mi/148km  –  Piste: 87mi/139km  –  Total: 179mi/287km  –  Piste: 48%

Our little used piste, dotted with acacia trees takes us to Assa for fuel and supplies. The afternoon takes on a more undulating nature as we wend our way through the jebels to meet the Oued Drâa that we left in the desert yesterday.

Day 10: Ksar Tadnidilt – Tighmert

Tarmac: 38mi/61km  –  Piste: 83mi/132km  –  Total: 121mi/193km  –  Piste: 68%

‘Atlantic Ocean Day’ – With 1850km under our belts since leaving the Mediterranean, so the Atlantic Ocean comes into sight. Our ride through the windswept fishing ‘hamlets’ takes us to the cliffs above Plage Blanche. An optional blast along the beach may be possible but is dependent upon the tide. For 2022, an untried inland route over the Bab Oum Loussek bypasses the beach*.

 A mid-afternoon finish allows us time to give our bikes some TLC before we begin our return.

*We previously included Plage Blanche in the route but this meant our day being governed entirely by the tide times. Our untried alternative route will add to the adventure in 2022.

Day 11: Tighmert to Tata

Tarmac: 144mi/230km  –  Piste: 58mi/92km  –  Total: 202mi/322km  –  Piste: 29%

A total change of scenery today as we head into the twisted strata of the Anti-Atlas. Vertical gorge sides tower above us as we make our way north east, climbing to a ridgeline before plunging a vertical kilometere into the next gorge. It may only be 58mi/92km of piste today, but every one of them will have you wishing you had eyes in the back of your head.

Day 12: Tata to Tamnougalte

Tarmac: 66mi/105km  –  Piste: 99mi/158km  –  Total: 164mi/263km  –  Piste: 60%

In total contrast to yesterday’s riding, the day’s route begins through a wide-open valley with views south to the Djebel Bani and north to the Anti-Atlas. After fuelling up we head into more undulating terrain as we head for Agdz and the Drâa Valley – home to no less than 18 varieties of dates!

Day 13: Tamnougalte to Amellago

Tarmac: 170mi/272km  –  Piste: 20mi/33km  –  Total: 190mi/305km  –  Piste: 11%

Skirting the volcanic Djebel Sarhro, we rejoin the ‘desert highway’ before picking up the corker of a piste across the Djebel Ougnat. Beyond Goulmima we enter a steep sided gorge carved by the Oued Gheris (remember that name from Day 6?) as we head for our Auberge in Amellago.

Day 14: Amellago to Bivouac 5

Tarmac: 145mi/233km  –  Piste: 73mi/117km  –  Total: 219mi/350km  –  Piste: 33%

‘Like Todra without the tourists’ is how many view our early morning ride through the Imiter Gorge. At its western end we’ll turn north into the hills on a sometimes rough piste, headed for the Tizi Tagounista and a spectacular view of the Amane Plain. The piste curls back on itself through a tunnel as it drops off the plateau and crosses the plain. Two more piste stages will see us return to Bni Tajite where we’ll rejoin our southbound route and head north towards the Rekam Plateu to pitch camp.

Day 15: Bivouac 5 to Nador & ferry to Spain

Tarmac: 150mi/240km  –  Piste: 36mi/57km  –  Total: 186mi/297km  –  Piste: 19%

It may be the final day but as per day one there’s still 110km/68mi of piste to go and you’ll be surprised how different everything looks in reverse.

With the scheduled ferry departure not until 2200, there’s time for dinner and souvenir shopping in Nador. Tagine anyone?

Day 16: Saturday – Arrive Spain

 Scheduled arrival time is 0700 so plenty of time to get changed and catch a flight home.

Route Map

Route Map for Big Sky Riders Moroccan Raid Medlantic Adventure Motorcycle Tour 2022

Route map for 16-Day Raid MedLantic Tour 2022

What's Included

Return ferry from Almeria (Spain) to Nador (Morocco) for bike and rider.

Bed & Breakfast accommodation on a twin-sharing basis.

7 evening meals in Morocco

Tour leader – Adam Lewis riding a KTM 790 Adventure R

Detailed GPS Tracks

Professional Medic

2x Support vehicles

    1. 4×4 carrying medical kit, medic and a few spares.
    2. Van with additional spares, larger tools etc




Any travel costs associated with getting to the start/finish of the tour.

Personal Travel Insurance (compulsory)

Motorcycle Insurance including compulsory 3rd Party motorcycle insurance (Green Card or buy at the border)

Breakdown recovery insurance

Fuel, oil, tyres, and any other motorcycle consumables or spare parts

Road tolls and traffic fines

Meals – except where stated



Personal spending money

Food at bivouacs (evening meal & breakfast)

Anything else not stated as included

How to book

Bookings can be made through the website, via email or over the phone!

Payment Methods

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Useful Info


Passport – valid for at least 6 months.

Driving License

Registration document (Logbook/V5)

Motorcycle Insurance

Green card – if available from your insurer, otherwise available to buy at the border.


It’s a good idea to check the validity of your current vaccinations prior to coming on tour. The following websites should be useful in determining what vaccinations you need.



Local currency

The local currency is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). ATM’s are widely available.


The official language is Modern Standard Arabic but most government and official business is conducted in French so dust of your old school books. – “Deux bières s’il vous plait”.


Once we get down to the desert it’ll be comfortably warm but leaving Nador and crossing the Rekam Plateau can be quite chilly, downright cold if it rains. By the middle of day two we should see temperatures around 20°C and increasing to the mid-20’s as we head further south. Desert nights can be cold so a 0°C rated sleeping bag is recommended.

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  1. Graham matthew

    I have just got back from the Raid Medlantic tour with Adam and I can honestly say it is one of the best experiences of my life. The riding is fantastic: hundreds of miles of off-road through rocky desert, mountains, sand dunes, canyons and across huge plateaus and dried up lakebeds, even a ride along the beach. I loved the wild camping too. I have done this in the UK but it’s something else to do it in the desert, in beautiful scenery and under the perfectly clear skies. Morocco is a brilliant place to visit. The scenery is diverse and spectacular, the people are incredibly friendly and the food is fantastic. As this trip is miles off the tourist routes we never got hassled or ripped off. I would whole heartedly recommend this trip to anyone with off-road riding experience who fancies a bit of a challenge. Adam is a brilliant guide and has the experience and knowledge to handle any possible situation.

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