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Vibrant, colourful, remote, diverse…how does one sum up Morocco?

King Haasan II once described Morocco as ‘…a tree with its roots in Africa and its branches in Europe’
Extraordinarily diverse geographically, and supporting habitats ranging from high-altitude moorland through cork-oak forests to wetlands and arid steppe; all sprinkled across four major mountain ranges and squeezed in between the Sahara Desert, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. This North West corner of Africa is truly an Adventure Riders paradise.

You’ll immediately notice the mix of Euro/Moorish culture as Djellaba clad Berbers drink Café au Lait at the endless pavement cafés, and youngsters cruise about in skinny jeans and Nike’s, all set against a backdrop of traditional and colonial architecture.
The riding is sublime and will have you wanting to return time after time. It’s the UK’s nearest faraway place and we love it!

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