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Three images in one of Portugal Adventure motorcycling


Tucked away on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula, overshadowed by its Spanish neighbour and bypassed by the tourist masses, Portugal offers everything the adventure rider could wish for.

Criss-crossed by an extraordinary network of trails the rolling hills, deep valleys and mountains make for an exciting topography. Trail surfaces include hardpacked dirt, grit, gravel, rockslab, sand and even crushed granite. Away from the dirt, the tarmac is world class; the stuff motorcycling dreams are made of.

As Europe’s oldest nation state, Portugal’s history spans the Celtic, Phoenician, Roman, Moorish and Christian empires and includes an incredible number of unspoiled castles, walled cities, traditional towns and villages.

And it’s not just the buildings that are preserved. Rural life in Portugal has changed little over the centuries and there’s no better way to experience this than from the seat of your adventure bike.

Regional specialities play a big part of Portuguese cuisine and there’s always freshly baked bread, olives, cheeses and smoked meats….all washed down with a glass or three of wine from 13 different wine producing regions. And then of course there’s the port.

It’s no surprise then that we fell in love with Portugal from day one and our love for it has only grown since.

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