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Why a DR650?

Replacing my F650 was an opportunity to take a slightly different approach and incorporate much of what I’ve learnt over the last 4 years. What have I learnt? Well, if you want to travel off the beaten track then weight is the key. My F650 took me to places I would never have believed possible prior to leaving home but at great expense to the chassis. A lighter bike and kit mean its gentler on its suspension so requires lighter springing which in turn puts less strain on surrounding components – at least that’s my theory. Lady P weighed 300kg + food & water. I’m hoping the DR will weigh in around 220kg. I’m hoping too that it won’t just mean it’s more reliable on the kind of terrain I’ve traversed so far, but that I’ll be able to tackle  routes that I would have considered ‘off-limits’ on my F650.

26/08/10 – Weights: Inc ALL tools, consumables, tubes & GPS but with NO fuel =163.5kg.  Fully loaded inc 35l fuel but NO food or water = 217kg. These weights came from the cement works in Moab, Utah. The original weights were given in lbs – 360 & 480. The figures are so ’round’ that I later wondered what increments and ’rounding’ figures they used.

 Fully Loaded

And in her final incarnation

In this section Adam talks for an eternity on how we moved the footpegs to cope with his stature and squeezed all his shit in a tiny space.

If I’ve missed anything out let me know and I’ll add it.

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