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Covid-19 Update

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We are open as normal for enquiries and bookings.

However, we have postponed the sold out Spring Atlas 8 tour until September. Like the rest of the world we hope that #stayathome will have a huge, positive effect on the situation and allow a return to normal living as the summer progresses.

Like most of you reading this, we should be doing something else right now… We had just concluded an excellent Raid MedLantic tour in Morocco and were busy scouting suitable trails in Portugal. Bikes had started landing from Fly and Ride ahead the imminent arrival of our guests for the Spring Atlas Eight tour; when the global shut-down hit.

Currently, our Autumn Atlas Eight tour is scheduled for October 10th and bookings are open.

Whilst the lock-down has taken our calendar and given it a good shake-up, it hasn’t diminished our workload.
We’re currently working our way through our notes, photos and GPS tracks for what will be an epic adventure tour of Portugal. We’ll have a pilot tour ready for a limited group of riders soon, and will schedule it just as soon as is feasible.

Stay safe, stay fit and keep your bikes polished.

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Bob Test 2
2 years ago

Added an image to the post, hope you don’t mind 😀

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